The amount we've raised so far for mental health charities! (Including £691 raised in partnership with Salisbury Community Choir)

October 2017: 

We helped raise £3,534,628 for Global's Make Some Noise Day (images courtesy of Classic FM and Global Make Some Noise)

At Global's Make Some Noise Day for Classic FM

May 2017:

  • Featured for several weeks on the Very Best Classic FM Live Sessions page with our studio performance of Piazzolla's Oblivion, arranged by Julian Rowlands, and César Olguin's arrangement of Milonga del Angel
  • Jonny's blog about his experience living with bipolar was featured in the Mind newsletter for Mental Health Awareness week. Read the full article, or find out more about Jonny's story here.

Milonga del Angel in the studio at Classic FM with Julian Rowlands.

In the studio at classic FM performing Piazzolla's Oblivion arranged by Julian Rowlands.