Lunchtime Concert at Woodville Halls

Lunchtime Concert at Woodville Halls

Woodville Auditorium (map)

Thursday 28 FEBRUARY 2019
Woodville Auditorium

Lunchtime Classical Concert: Santiago Quartet 

Running time: 1 hour

Santiago Quartet is a classical ensemble that blends the sensuous mood of tango music with vibrant energy and originality.

In this concert of works by contemporary composers from Latin America, the Quartet will take the listener on a journey through the rhythms, melodies and unique sounds of this exciting music.

Santiago Quartet plays works by living or recent composers. Their repertoire comes from many sources, including film scores and songs, and focuses on pieces with an emotional pull.

The Quartet’s Woodville Halls programme will include Javier Alvarez’s hypnotic Metro Chabacano, which features on the Quartet’s first album Latin Perspective, and works by ‘master of tango’ Astor Piazzolla. Whilst Metro Chabacano holds the listener in rhythmic fascination, Piazzolla’s Adios Nonino pulls at the heartstrings with sumptuous, rich melodies. Variaçiones, a Latin American take on Paganini’s 24th Caprice by the violist of Mexico’s Cuarteto Latinamericáno, is breathtakingly virtuosic.

The ensemble’s relaxed performance style is approachable for audience members of all ages and the repertoire is tuneful, evocative, and full of fun.

The Quartet look forward to introducing you to this incredible music!

Programme to include:

Daniel Binelli – El Viaje (from the film India Pravile)
Javier Alvarez – Metro Chabacano
Astor Piazzolla – Adios Nonino, Oblivion, Jorge Adios and Milonga del Ángel
Miguel del Aguila – Presto II
Julio Numhauser – Todo Cambia
Javier Montiel – Variaçiones on Paganini’s Capricio no. 24

Chamber Music Day at Latymer School

Chamber Music Day at Latymer School

The Quartet will hold a day of chamber music workshops with students at the West-London school.

Palmeri Misa a Buenos Aires with the Icosa Choir

Palmeri Misa a Buenos Aires with the Icosa Choir

Icosa is a new and exciting chamber choir made up from some of Britain’s best young singers. Icosa takes pride in performing an incredibly varied repertoire of classical choral music to a very high standard whilst exploring intriguing themes.

Santiago Quartet, along with Julian Rowlands, will join the choir for a performance of Palmeri's Misa a Buenos Aires at Guildford's Holy Trinity Church. 

More details about tickets and programme as we have them...

See the choir in action here:

Image - Icosa Choir Website

Palmeri Misa a Buenos Aires with the Vivace Chorus

Palmeri Misa a Buenos Aires with the Vivace Chorus

A choral spectacular at Guildford's international concert venue, G-Live, with the Vivace Chorus under director Jeremy Backhouse. The programme will include Palmeri's Misa a Buenos Aires (Tango Mass) and Will Todd's Mass in Blue. More details and ticket links as we have them...

[Image courtesy of the Vivace Chorus]